I am an organisational theorist who (re)turned to academia after a career in professional music, education, and 'business'.

My research focuses on alternative organising and explores a range of heterodox approaches which reject mainstream markers of economic production and competitive individualism. Adopting an interpretive approach, which finds greatest sympathy with the experiences of the organised, I see individuals as knowledgeable agents embedded in historical and institutional settings. My theorising (which is driven by social theory) is motivated by a desire to understand individual experiences of alternative organisational discourses and processes. Working with ethnographically-framed methodologies adapted for the online world, my research takes aim at new empirical realities, contemporary subjectivities, the co-transformative power that digital technologies have over how we experience life and work.

My educational philosophy (honed in primary, secondary, higher, and executive settings) consists of creating curiosity amongst students; making time and space for them to ask ‘how’ and 'why' questions of their own understanding and of their responses to that understanding. I value diverse and international perspectives, and a reflexive learning environment in which the interrogation of theory and practice can be nourished. Accordingly, I try to ensure the classroom is a place in which students of all ages can connect their own past, present, and future experiences to theoretical ideas on which informed discourses and practices of business, organisation, and management are based.


and thanks

Thanks for visiting this website, where I attempt to pull together my online and offline experiences. Here, you will find updates about my academic research, reflections on my teaching and wider educational practice, and provocations to engage me to work to enhance your own organisational understanding and skill.

My own work in leadership and management roles embodies creativity and collaboration grounded in skills developed as a professional musician, educator, coach and mentor, and ‘organiser’ of individuals, collectives, and resources. Equally at home in the board room, lecture theatre, concert hall, or sports pitch, I instinctively engage people across functions and departments, working on complex challenges which place the individual at the heart of organising endeavours.

If you would like further details, or think we could work together in some way, then please do get in touch.