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Getting the people bit of performance right

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The mindsets of many high-performers are characterised by three great questions.

What am I doing that is good … and should keep doing?
What am I doing that is bad … and should stop doing?
What am I not doing that I could be doing … and should start doing?

Are they questions you ask yourself?
Do you hear them asked within your organisation?
If so, do you have the confidence to listen to difficult truths?
And, furthermore, do you have the imagination to act upon the answers?

My work centres around the things I do myself, and the things I help others to do. They are the things that high-performing people do, practice doing, and continue to do.

This process of development attracts the most creative minds, looking to formalise their thinking, as much as it attracts the most organised minds, looking to free their thinking.

I don’t promise the world, I am not full of hype, I know where my work stops and another’s starts; but, I do believe in the power of taking responsibility for your own performance, and celebrating the results.

In great performers we see how thinking, acting, managing, and interacting are inextricably linked;
become a better thinker, actor, manager, and interactor, and witness the transformation for yourself.


I review your performance-related documentation, research and author reports (challenging individual and organisational thinking) and make detailed recommendations. I work with your staff, present to your board, and help grow your personal brand and professional network to enable optimum performance.


I offer bespoke coaching to ambitious people: leaders, managers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, business owners, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, musicians, executives, administrators, and academics. I help you adopt the beliefs and behaviours of great performers, strengthening your mastery of the art and science of performance.


I have a people-centric approach to life which is grounded in positivity. Together, we reflect on, and evaluate, the interactions you have with others – the good and the bad – and we reinforce the best and most successful patterns of behaviour with an individualised strategy which is expertly (and flexibly) designed to move you forward.