Richard Longman is a Doctoral Researcher and Associate Lecturer in the Faculty of Business at Oxford Brookes University, where his research explores the phenomenon of 'surprise' in organizations. This intersects with his fascination with 'alternative' forms of organization, and the co-transformative power that digital technologies have over how we experience life and work.

and thanks

Thanks, that is, for visiting this website, where I attempt to pull together my online and offline experiences. You will find regular updates to my research project ('surprising alternative organizations'), reflection and self-reflection on my blog (particularly detailing my experience of 'becoming a netnographer', and current ideas about leadership, management, and how we might work together within private practice.

Our connection doesn't have to end with your visit to this website. Please connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn, where I do most of my professional work. You will also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and in and out of different fora. Always unambiguosuly in my own name: there's only one of me, even if you choose multiple versions of yourself.