“I am fascinated by the small steps we take towards achieving our larger goals.”

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The relationship between performance and learning is the ultimate chicken and egg scenario.

We work alongside organisations and individuals to find creative solutions, and look to develop positive and sustainable performance and learning behaviours.


“The performance of an organisation is entirely determined by the performance of its employees.” (Subir Chowdhury)

On the face of it, you might consider this to be a bold statement; but, remember, strategy, resources, finance (and whatever else you care to think of) neither manage nor lead themselves … this is done by people.

So, if you are a global organisation, with a diversified workforce across languages, cultures, continents, time zones, and working practices, then  performance of your employees is key to your organisational performance. As a SME, you will have similar challenges, albeit on a different scale. And, as a solopreneur, the responsibility for performance is yours alone.

I’m fascinated by getting these things right and work alongside organisations and individuals to make sure they have the best chance of success.


“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” (Albert Einstein)

It you cast your mind back to your schooldays, it is easy to pick out the different types of learners who were in your class. Some, could sit at the back of the room, paying little attention, but still score top marks in a test. Others were wholly more diligent, taking careful notes, and preparing assiduously.

In the workplace, there is often a disconnect between the things we are expected to know and the way we are expected to learn. Do you believe that learning, for example, is a isolated experience, or a process? Do you know things, or really understand them? Whether your responsibility is for one person or one hundred people, I believe we neglect learning at our peril.

I believe in the power of education to transform lives and futures, and work alongside organisations and individuals to connect knowledge, understanding, and performance.

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Mentoring and Coaching
Designing bespoke learning programmes
Driving new levels of performance
Embedding behaviour change
Treading the gap between learning and unlearning
Creative performance management

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