Why reflect? What reflection?

I find I reflect quite a lot in my daily life, thinking about things that have happened, why they happened, whether I handled them well. Sometimes, when things have gone well, this is a comfortable experience. Other times, when things have gone badly, this can be an uncomfortable experience. Either way, through reflecting on good things and bad things, learning can take place.

My reflection tends to revolve around my professional practice, specifically, how I have dealt with particular people, projects, and experiences and how I might do it better next time. Critically, I also try to reflect on things I have read, establishing links between theory and practice, and questioning perceptions of reality offered by different authors against my own.

In this blog, I will reflect on my progress as a doctoral research student and a first-time netnographer. Reflections will be limited to three paragraphs: focusing on the before, during, and after of a particular experience. I hope to write in an unguarded way, sometimes to an imaginary person, sometimes to myself, and sometimes to a named person who has prompted a reflection; I’m not particularly precious about sharing my thoughts and feelings. And comments from other people about the good and the bad in what I am doing are always interesting.