My educational practice (honed in primary, secondary, higher, and executive settings) consists of creating curiosity amongst students; making time and space for them to ask “how?” and “why?” questions of their own understanding and of their responses to that understanding. I value diverse and international perspectives, and a reflexive learning environment in which the interrogation of theory and practice can be nourished. Accordingly, I try to ensure the classroom is a place in which students of all ages can connect their own past, present, and future experiences to theoretical ideas on which informed discourses and practices of business, organisation, and management are based.

In addition to HE teaching experience, I bring a decade of experience in the independent education sector. My MEd (University of Cambridge, 2006) was focused on educational leadership and improvement, which means I am well-attuned to crafting and sustain outstanding learning experiences for students and learners at all levels. As an MBA graduate, and with experience of private client work, I am fully-conversant with the managerial paradigm, though I explore alternative perspectives in my teaching which is invaluable in the context of “responsible” and “sustainable” business, organisation, and management. I draw on my own experiences of blended learning and developing online resources to enhance student experience and ensuring accessibility to all regardless of learning need and mode of attendance. And, through my expertise in digital research methods, I look to stimulate innovative opportunities for students to engage with (and in) high-quality research.