My professional experiences are rich and varied. I began my career as a professional musician, working within the independent education sector, where I led two departments over the course of a decade. (In this time, I took a short sabbatical to qualify as an advanced coach at the International Rugby Academy in New Zealand.) A period of serious ill-health led to a re-evaluation of my working life in 2010. Fully restored, I established my own consultancy business, working as an independent advisor to high-performing individuals, focusing on the human challenges of success within organisations, crafting strategic approaches and embedding sustainable behaviours. These eclectic experiences motivated my doctoral study and form the basis of much of my research and educational practice and shape ongoing relationships with individuals and organisations.

I work with leaders and managers, including politicians, doctors, lawyers, scientists, small business owners, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, musicians, administrators, and academics. As an independent advisor to high-performing individuals (combining consultancy, coaching, and mentoring activities) my work tends to focus on the human challenges of success within their organisations and incorporates crafting strategic approaches (at individual and organisational levels) and embedding sustainable behaviours (within individual routines and relationships). I offer bespoke, confidential, and long-term partnerships in performance across diverse sectors and settings often in response to complex situational challenges

advisory work

As a consultant, I offer a range of services developing individuals and organisations for the challenges of 21st century living and working. I write reports, review documentation, and make detailed recommendations; and, I work with your staff, present to your board, or make further connections to enable your development. People always come first, because its them who balance that relationship between work and life.

As a coach, I use different tools and techniques to facilitate your learning, development, and performance. I do not need any specialist subject knowledge, because, through coaching, you find your own solutions, develop your own skills, and change your own behaviours. It is hugely rewarding, and my coaching journey has taken me around the world as well as in and out of many fascinating lives.

As a mentor, I provide advice, guidance, and support to you, acting as a non-judgmental critical friend. I am able to draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide you, and establish long-term relationship designed to help you move forward free from your past and approach the future excited by both challenges and opportunities.

Why do people choose to work with me?

Top-class academic profile

Undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from the University of Cambridge. MBA from the Open University. PhD in Business and Management from Oxford Brookes University. Sharp intellect (and wit) well-suited to performance all the way up to board level.

Highly versatile

Industry experience includes FMCG, retail, hospitality, education, politics, arts management, faith, community, and cultural organisations, and work with those leaders, managers, and workers who are ambitious about their own performance.

Confident performer

Skilled at working and communicating with people of all ages and abilities. Quick to establish positive working relationships, comfortable across a range of technologies.

Emotional intelligence

Attuned to organisational and individual resistance. Experience of working environments in UK, Europe, America, Asia, and Australasia. Able to work efficiently in foreign languages and across cultural boundaries.

Personal resilience

After recovering from a brain tumour, I took the decision to reshape my career and reinvent many of my working practices. Developing work/life balance is an important construct to my personal style and an absolute priority.