In press:

“Hope-full purpose”: time, oblivion, and the strange attractors of Pandora’s box. In: M. Kostera, and D. Ericsson (Eds.). Organizing goodness and hope: narratives of interregnum. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Under review: 

An ecology of attention: recalibrating reflexivity for online qualitative inquiry.

In progress:

Practicing performance: communities of practice and the(ir) case for critical performativity.

Really or merely? Questioning the catachresian dialectic at the heart of alternative organizing.

When ignorance is bliss: principles, practices, and the chicken-and-egg scenario of alternative organizing.

In progress (co-authored):

Underlying Processes of Identity Work: Teaching Critical Management Studies in a Higher Education Business School. [With Dr Guy Huber]